Industrial Food Division

Specializing in Dry Blending/Packaging



What kind of products do you blend?

Do you only produce dry blended products?

What industries do you serve?

Where are your plants located?

Can you make kosher certified products?

Can you make halal certified products?

What is the smallest package you can produce?

What is the largest package you can produce?

How do you package items?

Who audits your plants?

How do I get started with Kent Precision Foods Group?

Can you help me develop a new idea?

Can Kent Precision Foods Group create a product for me?

Can you match my formula or recipe?

How do you keep formulas confidential?

What is Kent Precision Foods Group’s minimum order requirement?

How will you price my project?

What are my lot code options?

How do you read a Julian date lot code?

I’m concerned about cross-contamination. How is this managed?

Can I tour your facilities?

What is your capacity?

How do you ensure the safety of the products you produce?

Do you have the ability to microtest products?

Does Kent Precision Foods Group sell its own line of branded products?

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