Industrial Food Division

Specializing in Dry Blending/Packaging

Ingredient Purchasing


Fair prices. Timely delivery. Consistent quality. These are the things you can expect when Kent Precision Foods Group is sourcing and storing your ingredients. Our experienced buyers have spent decades (some more than 30 years) developing healthy, stable relationships with global suppliers of high-quality raw materials. They are uniquely equipped to help you optimize assets.

Monitoring quality indicators and key ingredient pricing trends, the ingredient purchasers of Kent Precision Foods Group will advise you on maintaining a consistent supply of best-in-class ingredients at a fair price—and finding uncompromising substitutes when necessary. Whether sourcing common ingredients or GMO-free specialties, their educated purchase decisions are made based on quality, pricing, minimum order requirements and lead-times, typically in that order.

Quality Assured
We have a detailed Supplier Approval Process. This process mandates that all suppliers provide Kent Precision Foods Group with all applicable compliance documentation for each ingredient or material. These documents are imperative to ensure that vendors meet the highest quality, sanitation and food safety standards. Once we approve a supplier, it must adhere to a set of very strict requirements.

Quality Assurance is responsible for sampling each material as it is received. Samples are analyzed for key physical attributes and Certificate of Analysis/Conformance are cross-checked against internal product specification. All incoming ingredients and materials are required upon receipt to possess COAs. This procedure ensures that the appropriate physical, chemical and microbiological attributes are being analyzed and reviewed.

Even our delivery systems are strictly monitored for safety and quality. All trucks are inspected upon delivery by our shipping personnel to verify their food-grade status, lock and seal function, sanitization and weight accuracy, among other requirements.

Value Guaranteed
Our streamlined business structure cuts down on the “red tape” often encountered by other organizations. This allows us to quickly and nimbly work with you in sourcing raw materials when they are priced at the best value. Open communication with trusted suppliers aids us in determining precisely when is the best time to buy.

Additionally, our purchasers routinely work with our R&D department to find better or more economical sources of materials. And, of course, we are constantly reviewing competitive quotes from quality manufacturers.

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