Industrial Food Division

Specializing in Dry Blending/Packaging

Company Info

Company Info

Kent Precision Foods Group is a privately owned, family-operated industrial dry-food blender and packer. We have been providing solutions above and beyond the status quo to food companies like yours since 1992.

Headquartered in St. Louis with strategic locations throughout the Midwest, we service the dry blending and packing needs of companies nationwide. These companies vary in scope and product offerings, but they all look to Kent Precision Foods Group for the same thing: Added Value. That is to say, they believe we offer a caliber of service and expertise that cannot be found anywhere else. And, they’re right.

With Kent Precision Foods Group, you’ll find added value in our—

  • Exceptional Capabilities — We offer our customers an unusually broad range of services, from concept and development by professional chefs and food scientists, to blending and co-packing.
  • Versatile Customization — We can customize your packaging with everything from preprinted film to premium-looking secondary packaging.
  • Streamlining Solutions — Our dedicated food scientists can create a new formula or duplicate an existing product to streamline production or reduce costs.
  • Low Order Minimums — You don’t have to order 100,000 pounds of product unless you need 100,000 pounds of product.
  • Quality Control — Unlike most custom dry blenders, we devote one of our facilities to the production of sweet products and the others to savory. This minimizes the risks of cross-contamination and off-flavors.
  • Delivery Performance — at 99%+ on-time delivery we set the industry bar.
  • Confidentiality Guarantee — We have a deep respect for your privacy. Proprietary formulations are always kept completely confidential.
  • Experience and Understanding — We were founded by a few hearty souls and an entrepreneurial spirit. We know the pains of being a small business owner firsthand. It’s one of the reasons why our small business solutions are so effective.

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