Industrial Food Division

Specializing in Dry Blending/Packaging



Your products will be manufactured to exacting standards, guaranteed. We know this because we have very strict quality-control measures in place at each of our three pristine manufacturing facilities located across the Midwest.

Kent Precision Foods Group takes every precaution to ensure each product we blend is flawless, in terms of both quality and consistency. We even devote one entire facility to the production of sweet goods, eliminating the potential for cross-contamination.

With 250,000 square feet of production space, Kent Precision Foods Group has the capacity to accommodate virtually any request. However, as a safeguard, we maintain several redundancies that allow us to seamlessly pass production between facilities to meet your needs.

And, should your product require kosher or halal certification, you’ll be happy to know we can accommodate this need as well.

Yes, Kent Precision Foods Group has many controls in place to guarantee your product’s integrity. But quality, consistency, safety and certification aren’t worth much if your product doesn’t arrive when and where you need it. That’s why we take great pride in setting the benchmark in service, too, with 99%+ on-time delivery performance. Whether your product’s destination is domestic or international, we’ll do what it takes to meet your delivery requirements. Of that, you can be assured.

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